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seven or 800 points but washington will get the message. what i fear and what i think is the risk is that they will fix it with a patch that is short-term, it's not substantive, it doesn't have a lot of nutritional content to it and we are going to be right back in again and again. markets will lose confidence. we will gradually lose our global credibility as an economic leader. we might see our credit rating damaged more over time. and it is the slow defense of the united states that is the real risk. the fiscal cliff is something that can be fixed fairly easily. >> host: finally, i would like to go back, david rothkopf come to your comments about government. national government being neanderthal it. there was a throwaway line of sight while we are still organized as nation states economically. again, where we going in the future. >> i think we will see the future. because we live in geographic proximity to one another, we also have city governments, state governments in the united states, we have a federal government in the united states and it's only natural that another layer
've not really been actively involved in politics. when i was younger i had internships, one in washington for pete mccloskey, who was a republican, but the main reason i worked for him is that he was very supportive of a school i went to in east palo alto, an elementary and high school, and he--he offered me the job. so that's the--the reason. but i've never really been involved in politics at any serious level. c-span: now what was the george shultz experience like? >> guest: oh, it was wonderful. and i think it really, in some ways, led to this book, because i became interested in the american side of the story, and the soviet side, but particularly the american side, because i got to see the end of the cold war from the vantage point of central decision makers, which scholars rarely do. i got to work with him very closely, got to read his files and interact with him as he drafted chapters. and so it was a wonderful experience to have. and it led me to have a great interest in--in ronald reagan. c-span: i think what we ought to do, before we talk a lot more about it, is to play one of t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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